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We specialize in trans health and community. This is a space for transgender and gender-nonconforming folks in and around the Pensacola area to come together for support and community.

We aggressively and unwaveringly support all of our transgender and nonbinary siblings and are here for resources and guidance in these trying times.

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Should Trans Athletes be Allowed in Sports?

The answer to this clickbait headline is a simple one: yes. Duh. Why shouldn’t we be allowed? What are you – some kind of transphobe? But people are seriously up in arms over this, so I guess we’re talking about it now. The main arguments appear to be that trans women are at an apparent […]

Fertility Outcomes for Transgender Patients

There is a risk of infertility with prolonged Hormone Replacement Therapy. However, even still, trans people do still achieve pregnancy (example, example, example, this guy was pregnant with his second baby post-HRT, this trans man used a trans woman’s sperm to get pregnant). The likelihood of fertility post-HRT is currently unknown because we’re lacking in […]

Is Transitioning Going Against God or Whatever?

I’ve met a number of transgender people who fear that they are going against God by transitioning. The fear that God made them one gender, so who are they to go against that? Like if they accepted that they’re trans, then they’d be saying that God made a mistake. Except that literally no major religion […]

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