Voice Feminization

All Together Now!

Again, smaller spaces make brighter sounds. But we have to be conscientious of all parts of our voice, because if we subtract, say, 1mm from our vocal tract length, but at the same time add 1mm to our oral cavity, then we have a net gain of zero. Meaning that nothing has actually changed.

That is to say, if you raise your larynx but make your mouth bigger by lowering your tongue, then you may as well have not done anything at all. That said, you really only need to add a little bit of each technique, because they’ll all work in tandem to subtract space.

Sure, if all you’re doing is raising your larynx, then you’re going to have to raise it really high to make a huge difference. But if you’re also raising your tongue, tightening your embouchure, brightening your vowels, and engaging some light AES constriction, then you only really need to raise your larynx by just a hair.

And that goes for all these techniques. If you employ all of them just a little bit, then you don’t have to overdo it on any one technique.

That said, while you’re practicing I want you to go crazy with it (safely, and without strain, of course). Be as loud, obnoxious, and cacophonous with these practice lessons as you comfortably can be! Because after all, if you can overdo it, then you can do it.

The artist Michelangelo once said, “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

It’s no different with voice. If you start with a weak voice with little substance, then you wind up with very little to work with. However, if you start with a strong, powerful voice – even if it sounds terrible! – then you only have to chip away at everything that’s not a soft, bright, feminine voice until that’s all you’re left with.

So don’t be afraid to sound god-awful during practice. You can always back off on things later.

Another note: feel free to fine tune these techniques to your liking. There are plenty of women with deep voices who still sound unmistakably feminine (whatever that means). So if you don’t want to alter your pitch, then don’t. These are just various techniques that tend to accomplish higher, softer, or brighter sounds – all qualities commonly associated with femininity. But you can cherry pick them to your liking. It’s your voice. Do what makes you happy!

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