What Exactly is “Fully Transitioned”?

Just a reminder for trans people who say they’re “fully transitioned” because they’ve had SRS, and for cis people who ask if we’re “fully transitioned” (translation: “have you had the surgery yet?”) – transition is not linear.

Not every trans person wants surgery. Not every trans person even wants HRT, for that matter. Transitioning is a personal process that’s unique to every individual.

Saying that someone’s not “fully transitioned” because they haven’t had SRS implies that they’re not a real woman or man yet until they have the genitals you think they should have. And that line of thinking ultimately just reduces womanhood and manhood to genitalia, and who does that help exactly?

We all have different goals of transition. Some trans people choose microdosing, whether because they want more subtle changes (as in the case of nonbinary people), they can’t medically tolerate higher dosages, or for a variety of other reasons that are none of anyone’s business. Some trans people don’t go on HRT at all, whether because they can’t medically tolerate it, they can’t afford to, or yet again for a variety of reasons that are no one’s business.

In the case of surgery, some trans people simply can’t afford surgery, others are unable to undergo surgery due to medical complications, and some people just flat out aren’t interested in it. The particular configuration of one’s genitals doesn’t make them any more or less their gender, and it’s also a particularly weird thing to ask someone about.

So stop using this phrasing.

For me, the end goal of my transition was to blend in well enough with other women that I didn’t seem out of place around them. Now, I frequently get “ma’am’ed” and otherwise gendered properly by most strangers in brief encounters. Mission accomplished. Achievement unlocked! Transition over.

But honestly, even though I’ve largely achieved my personal transition goals, I’m finding myself realizing that transition is a journey. It’s not an end goal. I’m still finding new firsts for myself. I’m still learning new things and having new experiences.

Don’t confine yourself to one way of living your life. And certainly don’t confine others to your way of living life.

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