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  • How JK Rowling’s “Silence of the Pet Detective” Should Have Ended

    September 16, 2020 by

    It puts the transphobia on it’s Twitter or else it gets the hose again. You might have heard of JK Rowling’s new book “Troubled Blood” that’s earned her the hashtag #ripjkrowling. While she’s in fact not dead, her talent evidently is. This book follows a crossdressing serial killer who lures victims while in female attire. Sure, we could talk about this being indicative of her transphobia, but that’s played out by now. What really got me is that this is just the most unrealistic thing ever. Sure, there are serial killers who happen to crossdress, but they don’t crossdress to… Read more Continue reading How JK Rowling’s “Silence of the Pet Detective” Should Have Ended

  • What Exactly is “Fully Transitioned”?

    September 14, 2020 by

    Just a reminder for trans people who say they’re “fully transitioned” because they’ve had SRS, and for cis people who ask if we’re “fully transitioned” (translation: “have you had the surgery yet?”) – transition is not linear. Not every trans person wants surgery. Not every trans person even wants HRT, for that matter. Transitioning is a personal process that’s unique to every individual. Saying that someone’s not “fully transitioned” because they haven’t had SRS implies that they’re not a real woman or man yet until they have the genitals you think they should have. And that line of thinking ultimately… Read more Continue reading What Exactly is “Fully Transitioned”?

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