Pensacola LGBT Shelter Project

Transacola has connected with other local advocacy organizations (Pensacola Osteopaths and Strive) in order to raise funds for an LGBT Shelter.

The LGBT community has one of the largest homeless populations in the US. However, many of us aren’t allowed in established shelters, many of which are run by religious organizations and are therefore legally allowed to discriminate against us. Having an LGBT friendly shelter will mean better security, health, and wellbeing for our community.

General Services

One of the things we do at Transacola is to help trans people pay for their medical needs. Whether it’s lab fees (totaling $123 for initial fees), appointment costs ($20-$100+), or HRT medications (anywhere from $20/month to $70+/month), we’ve got you!

But we can’t do it alone! If you’re able, you can donate below: