Florida Name and Gender Marker Change

floridanamechange.org will walk you through the entire process of changing your name and gender marker in the state of Florida, complete with all the fill-in-the-blank forms you’ll need. Alternatively, below are all the individual forms you will need.

Florida Name Change Forms:

Florida Family Law Form 12.982(a) Petition for Change of Name (Adult).

Florida Family Law Form 12.982(c) Petition for Change of Name (Minor Child)

Indigent Status:

If approved, this financial form may waive filing fees for your name change process: Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status

Florida Gender Marker Change Requirements:

To change your gender marker on your Florida ID, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate, you need a letter from your physician with:

  • Provider’s full name
  • Provider’s license or certificate number
  • Issuing state medical license or certificate
  • DEA registration number assigned to physician
  • A statement that the patient has had appropriate clinical treatment (the treatment in question does not need to be specified and surgery is no longer a requirement) for gender transition to the new gender of (male or female)
  • A statement that the physician has either treated the individual in relation to the individual’s change in gender or has reviewed and evaluated the medical history of the individual in relation to the individual’s change in gender
  • A statement that the doctor has a doctor/patient relationship with the individual; and
  • Language stating “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the forgoing is true and correct.”​

Here’s a sample letter that seems to have worked for people.

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